Severn Sunrise Homecare offers excellent care support

Severn Sunrise Homecare offers excellent care support so that people with care needs can remain happily at home in comfort and safety, bringing reassurance for the individual and peace of mind for family and friends.

Our services are for anyone with dementia who lives in their own home or for those requiring reablement after a spell in hospital.

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Care Visits

Our care visits are as long or as short as is needed, but to ensure we are as supportive and effective as possible, our home visits are usually for a minimum of one hour.  We do not believe that 15-minute visits are of any benefit to people and therefore will not be offering them.

So what happens next

This usually starts with a telephone conversation.  We follow this by arranging a no obligation, free assessment meeting at your home to ensure we have a clear understanding of your needs, preferences and priorities.  It may be a good idea to have a member of your family with you or a close friend for support.

We will be very much focused on what you want and will discuss with you which care options might be most suitable.  We will then agree on a personalised Care Plan to meet your needs.  Your Care Plan will not be set in stone and we will evolve with you to respond to any changing requirements if your situation alters.

We understand that the need for care comes about for a variety of reasons and that every individual has different care needs. So we discuss the options with you, designing our care to support your personal choices and requirements.

 The home assessment (request a FREE review)

We start the interview process by conducting an in-depth assessment of you or your loved one’s lifestyle, medical condition and the type of assistance needed that will help them to remain independent at home. During the meeting, we will explain fully the services available and answer any questions you may have for us.  We will then jointly determine the scope of care required and its associated cost.

Issues we will cover you:

  • Matching the appropriate care assistant
  • Daily routines
  • Health and medication issues
  • Emergency response
  • Nutritional issues
  • Home cleaning issues
  • Costs of services

After meeting with the Client and/or family, a customised comprehensive Care Plan to meet the Client’s and the family’s physical, psychological and social needs is developed. Then the best staff are matched to the Client’s needs and hands-on follow-up staff supervision ensures that the plan is well-implemented. The plan also provides the staff with clear direction.


Listening to our Client’s and their families, our caring staff will endeavour to fulfil their special requests and needs.


Based on the Client’s individualised service requirements, a comprehensive Care Plan is developed in consultation with the Client and/or their family.  Because of our thorough assessment we are able to match our staff to Clients’ to provide the best connection.


Our staff will be introduced to the Client by our Care Manager during the first care visit, at which time our staff member is able familiarise themselves with the Client in their own environment.


We can help to identify potential warning signs, addressing small problems before they become large problems.  In addition, we can make suggestions to improve our Clients’ quality of life.


Our thorough assessment process takes place in the location the Client calls home, allowing us to observe your environment and personalise the Care Plan for nutritional, medical and safety needs all the way through to understanding the personalities, individual likes, dislikes and recreational activities of those concerned.


Wherever possible, we assist and help WITH our Clients’ rather than FOR our Clients’.  By keeping Clients’ active and involved in their own care, it leads to an improved quality of life and a sense of self-worth and accomplishment.


We monitor and communicate with our Clients’ on a regular basis.  We will review the Care Plan regularly with our Clients’.  Random quality assurance visits by the Care Manager will also take place to monitor the appropriate implementation of the Care Plan

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 Communication With Families

We utilise software which allows our Clients’ and their families to have their own secure, on-line access to their Care Plan.  It will serve as your on-line “control centre” for managing those needs – both big and small – that are critical to helping your loved age in peace and safety.  We will connect families to enable better decision making, ensure all members of the care team are informed and extend your loved one’s independent living to provide additional peace of mind for family members.

Contact us with any questions, we are happy to help!

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